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Cupid has recklessly destroyed so many dreams. Here are a few client stories.

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Before love, I enjoyed lonely meals on my own and sitting alone in the darkness for hours endlessly monitoring facebook without a single soul to visit or call. Cupid took that away from me. Loveless law and the Cupid Class Action team stood up for my rights.

police officer

When I fell in love, I stopped writing as many traffic tickets. I started giving people warnings. My superiors passed over me for promotion because I had “gotten soft.” Loveless Law made sure I was compensated for my lost income.

medical malpractice attorney

I was so excited for a romantic dinner with my boyfriend that I didn’t pay attention in surgery. Millions in malpractice expenses and a complicated junior mint removal surgery later, and I thought there was no chance for recovery. Loveless Law helped me file my claim against Cupid for making me a distracted surgeon.


I was diamond league in Starcraft. My WoW characters were maxed. My game library was constantly growing. Love took all that away from me. Endless human interaction¬†killed my skills. Money spent on an apartment and an IRA ruined my game budget. Loveless Law couldn’t give me back my 1337 skillz, but they made Cupid pay for my loss.

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