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What are some injuries that qualify?

Any injury which can be shown to have its source in the love with which you were unfairly afflicted may qualify as a covered injury. Here are just a few examples we’ve seen:

  • A client who fell in love with a married woman and was severely beaten by her husband.
  • A client whose love drove him to abandon his remarkable magic card tournament rankings and eventually sell his entire collection at a terrible financial loss.
  • A client whose ability to eat out and go to movie theaters alone and quietly weep on the back row (for therapeutic reasons) was severely hampered by a romantic relationship
  • Awkward and lopsided friendships destroyed when successfully taken to “the next level.”
  • Clients whose valuable online forum cred dropped tremendously when they suddenly had things to do.

As you can see, love has negative effects in countless unexpected ways. If you’ve been afflicted by love. Call us today.

I'm still in love. Do I qualify for the class action?

Don’t worry. Many people never recover from love but manage to have relatively normal lives. Having said that, there is no reason why you shouldn’t talk to Loveless Law. We’ll make sure that your award is fair and takes into account the duration of your affliction.[

Can you really sue a Roman god?

The New York Supreme Court certainly thinks so! In all seriousness, though, we understand the difficulty of extracting funds from a non corporeal entity of pure archetypal energies. That’s why you have an advantage with Loveless Law. Not only did we do the footwork and find Cupid’s temporal corporate manifestation in ErosCorp, but our founder is also part Greek god (on his father’s side.)

How much will my check be?

Until the court delivers a judgement on damages, we simply have no way of knowing what your payment will be. Rest assured, however, that your compensation will be the maximum we can possible secure for you. We’ll take your entire lovelife into consideration when presenting your case. Who knows – your case may be worth millions!

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