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Loveless Law Group was created in 1998 by Hubert Loveless. Since then we’ve grown to be the premier class action law firm in the United States. We’ve handled everything from small whiplash¬†cases to crazy throwback injuries like zeppelin induced disphoria. We’ve paid our dues and run the gamut of cases and you can trust that we know how to get you the justice you deserve. Insurance companies fear us. Corporations tremble before us. ¬†Greek gods suffer OUR wrath. You NEED Loveless Law Group on your side.

Hubert Loveless, Esq. demonstrating his lawyerly ability to hate on command.

Hubert Loveless, Esq. received his bachelors in mythology from Clydesdale University, then his Juris Doctorate from the Henry F. Grodstockle School of Law.

After spending several years as an associate attorney at Houghston Glick and Homer, Loveless started his own firm in New York City where he quickly gained a reputation as a tough litigator and a pugnacious advocate for his clients. Like all attorneys, Hubert naturally developed the ability to eliminate love from his heart entirely–a skill that would prove invaluable in future cases.

Hubert has won countless cases and delivered settlements in the tens of hojillions of dollars for his clients.

Hubert is the son of Phyllis D. Loveless and an unidentified member of the Greek Pantheon. Probably Jupiter or somebody cool. We don’t know. He came disguised as a goat.


Kelsey Clommrod, Esq. handles many of the cases at Loveless law. She’s one of those annoying people who demands to be the center of attention. Look at her photo. She stood in front of our whole staff to make sure everybody knew she’s more important than they are. We lost 2 good paralegals that day. Her dedication to eliminating love at the workplace is what made it possible for us to go up against Cupid and win.

Kelsey will bring her same dedication and focus to your individual case. Prepare to be reminded of just what it’s like to have no love at all in your life. When you sit down in the same room as Kelsey, you’ll know you found exactly the right person to lead your heartless legal team.

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