Love Hurts.

You’ve experienced the pain and suffering that can come with love. Sometimes while you’re “in love,” sometimes after. One thing is for sure: somebody owes you fair compensation for that pain and suffering.

That’s why Loveless Law Group did the impossible: we took Cupid and his Eros Corporation to court and won. 

With a massive damages judgement pending, it’s the perfect time to add your name to those who have been wronged by Cupid and his goons. Did unwelcome love bring you misery, pain, loss of productivity, depression, or even physical injury? You need to take a stand today.

Contact Loveless Law Group today for a free and fair assessment of your situation and your rights. Your heartache could be worth thousands!

Common Love-Related Injuries

General Malaise
Rose thorn punctures
Loss of job due to trying to date the boss' daughter
Brutal beatings from existing spouse

Justice is served!

In a landmark ruling, the New York Supreme Court ruled that just as bartenders and bars can be held responsible for the damages caused by those they serve, so too must the entity known as Cupid AKA Eros be held responsible for the pain and suffering caused by his actions. Loveless Law Group led the charge and we're ready to get you the compensation you deserve.

Join the class action today, and be sure to share this site with your so-called loved ones.

    Your Rights

    Are you overcome with feelings of love?

    Are these "love" sensations keeping you from working?

    Did you lose your job because you "fell in love" with a co-worker?

    Were you injured when a husband or wife attacked you after you expressed love for their spouse?

    The stress can be debilitating. Your physical and emotional injuries are all-too-real. It's time you got compensation for the pain and suffering you've experienced through no fault of your own. The actions of Cupid and the Eros Corporation were clearly negligent, and they may owe you thousands. Call us today to find out how.

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